Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Binky

This girl loves her binky. 

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Like Mother Like Daughter

My parents saved many wonderful outfits that I wore as an infant.  Many of these outfits I have now and cant wait to put them on Evie.  The first outfit that I put her in for church was my blessing dress.    Maybe one day she will put her daughter in it.  


We certainly were blessed with a great baby.  She let her mom sleep almost 5 hours last night wahoo.  Here are a few things we have loved about Miss Evie this week. 

1) She is great about going back to sleep at night.  She wakes, eats, does a diaper change and goes back to sleep. 

2) We are doing a lot better with breastfeeding.  Still using the guard, but its working so we will keep it.  A little nervous about going out in public still and needing to feed her…ill let you know how it goes. 

3) When she is done eating and right before she falls asleep she gives us big smiles.  I love to look at her cute dimples.   

4) We made it to sacrament meeting this week.  I love these small victories.  We all were showered, dressed, hair done, and on time.  Evie wore my blessing dress to church.  It was so great to see her in an outfit that I used to wear.  Thank you  mom and dad for keeping that special outfit and countless others. 

5) She has decided to start peeing on everything…especially me.  Not so sure how I feel about Huggies diapers haha or my ability to put a diaper on her.   

6) Grandma Reber came to visit and we have loved having her here.  Evie loves to snuggle with her and seems to calm right down in her arms. 

7) We went on a great walk this week.  She loves to sit in her carseat and it seems to put her right to sleep.  I am a huge fan of our carseat and stroller!

8)  She gets really bad indigestion.  It makes me so sad to see her scruntch her little legs up against her stomach.  It’s a big victory when she burps because we know it will help her later on. 

9) She loves to spend time on her stomach. 

10) Evie got her first real bath.  She absolutley loved being in the warm water and cried like crazy when we took her out.  

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


We made it through the first two weeks Wahoo.  Becoming a mom is a lot harder then I ever imagined, but so worth it.  Its crazy how overnight your world changes and you begin to worry about how your daughter is eating sleeping and pooping.  It is amazing how much you love one tiny little person.  Over the last 2 weeks Evie has already done some pretty amazing things (probably just amazing to her parents) 

1) We were able to learn how to breastfeed with the help of a guard.  Evie has my personality of: If it doesn’t work the first time then I get too frustrated to continue.  She has a hard time latching on and wont continue to try if she can’t get it.  She was killing me (physically and emotionally) and not getting anything to eat.  When my mom came into town she told me about these guards you could get that help babies to latch on.  Josh and her quickly ran out and bought one.  The first time using it Miss Evie latched on and fed.  I cried out of sure happiness.  I’ve heard that you shouldn’t just rely on these guards to breastfeed, but I don’t care.  My baby is eating and I'm not chained to the pump or feeling like a failure because we couldn’t figure out the latch.  We will try latching on again when she gets a little older. Although breastfeeding is nowhere near perfect (she is a grazer and always wants to eat) we are happy we can do it now.  Thank you mom and thank you Madela for the best invention ever. 

2) We went to see the Dr. and are happy to report that she no longer is jaundiced. 

3) Miss Evie is definitely not a petite child she gained 8 oz in her first week. 

4) Evie was born with her days and nights mixed up.  I’m happy to report now that she is starting to reverse that. 

5) Her belly button stump fell off on Saturday the 16th.  I am really happy it came off.  We can finally have a real bath. 

6) We had the last of the PKU testing on march 20th.  Ugh I hate this.  She didn’t cry at all the first time she had it done.  This time was a different story.  She learned from the firs test and wasn’t happy at all to have it repeated.  

7) We had Grandma Jill come and help us out.  I have the best mom.  She really helped me feel at ease about a lot of things….breastfeeding.  She is one amazing woman and Miss Evie loves her already.  I really don’t think I would have survived the first 2 weeks without her.  There is nothing like having your mom around.  She left us yesterday and I'm still weepy about it today.  I love her and becoming a mom really helps me to reflect on how amazing my own mom is. 

8) Josh and I were blessed with a great baby; however, she does have one thing I cant stand.  When she is really upset she will cry and hold her breath.  To get her to breath again you have to blow in her face.  I hate this it scares me so bad.  The first time she did it I totally lost it.  I was so scared and worried about her.  Thank goodness my mom was around to help me through it. 

9) She loves the car seat and having her diaper changed. 

10) She is so stinking strong.  She can hold her head up for about 5 seconds then lets it crash down on my shoulder.  I’m so surprised how strong she is. 

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Evelyn Ann Reber

Evelyn (Evie) Ann Reber

Born: March 5, 2013
Weight: 9 pounds 4 ounces (Yeah she was a big girl J )
Height: 20 ½ inches (although they measured her 3 days later and she was 21 ¼ )

Josh and I are so happy to have been blessed with such a great baby.   We absolutely love our little Evie and cant get enough of her.