Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Birth Part 1

This not so little man came into the world on June 12th, 2016.  He put his momma through a lot of torturous false labor before he joined us.  I wont hide the fact that I was pretty miserable at the end of this pregnancy.  My sciatic nerve was constantly flaring up, I was stretched as far as I could go, and I feel like everything gave me heartburn.  I was so ready to have this little guy and I’m pretty certain Josh and E were as well.  I was grumpy and didn’t hide it very well.  Thank goodness I was still getting some great rest or it could have been much worse!  I had way more Braxton hicks contractions with this guy then with E.  I would have hours of contractions and would be getting ready to go to the hospital when all of a sudden they would stop.  Finally they started on Saturday the 11th at 1:30 in the morning and stayed all day until he was born Sunday at 8:31 AM.  All day Josh and I debated about when to go to the hospital.  My contractions would jump from 4-10 minutes apart but never really became the magical 5 minutes apart.  We went to antique stores, a boat show, cleaned house a little and just waited for the contractions to get closer together.  The hospital wanted me to hold off on coming, which is really hard to do with a 3 year old you need to drop off at a friends house.  Finally at 8pm I had had it.  My contractions weren’t going anywhere, but they weren’t getting closer I knew I was in labor I just needed to convince Mayo that I was.  Josh jokingly said that getting emitted to Mayo is like a club its hard to get in, but when you do its awesome.  We took E to Tara and Ryans house.  She was beyond thrilled to have a sleep over with Liam, Hazel, and Finn.  We had so many pep talks about sleeping at their house that when she got there she knew exactly what to do.  Tara was so amazed that she went to bed when she asked her too.  I was so proud of my soon to be big sister girl.  After we dropped her off we headed in.  The nurses put us in a triage room to see how I was progressing.  I was only at a 4.  I will admit that I was devastated to only be at a 4.  I tend to labor really long with my pregnancies and was hoping that all the hard work of the day would have at least landed me above a 5.  So they told us they would come back in 2 hours to see how I was progressing.  If I wasn’t progressing they were going to send me home.  I couldn’t bare the thought of going home just to turn around and come back so we started the jumping jacks and walking and before I knew it the really painful contractions started coming about every 2 minutes.  I was in so much pain.  Poor Josh kept asking me what he could do.  All I could say was nothing and that they better not send me home.  Well they came in checked on me and I had progressed to a 5.  They said I was good to go and asked me if I wanted the epidural.  Josh quickly chimed in for me and said yes, and that with E I would have had the epidural awhile ago.  I love my husband who knows me so well.  Soon I was officially emitted and given my epidural…thank goodness.  Mayo has the most amazing set of teams for each aspect of labor.  The lady who gave me my IV had been doing it for 40 years and got mine situated with the first try, which for me is really rare.  The epidural team came in and totally rocked what they were doing.  There are some perks with delivering in a teaching hospital everyone seems to know exactly what they are doing and that they better get it right because their boss is looking right over their shoulder the whole time.  I couldn’t have asked for a better nurse or midwife who made me feel as comfortable as possible.  After that they turned off the lights and told us to sleep.  While sleeping wasn’t going to be in the cards for me since the blood pressure cuff went off every 15 minutes and my blood pressure kept dropping which resulted in the nurse coming in, Im glad Josh was able to sleep some.  I passed the time by watching country music videos and infomercials for vacuums.  Soon it was time I was at a 10 and so happy.  The nurse and midwife told me that they were going to let me sit for another 45 minutes before pushing, which was torture.  All I wanted to do was push and all they wanted me to do was hold off.  45 minutes later the pushing began and about 20 minutes after that my beautiful 9 pound 3 ounce 22 inch long baby boy was born.  There is something so magical about holding that little one in your arms for the first time.  Heaven seems so close and I just couldn’t help but cry with gratitude for this little life that was entrusted to Josh and I.  He had a beautiful loud and strong cry and was just perfect.  Life couldn’t have been better.  Holding baby #2 with my husband and thinking of our perfect girl back home was blissful. 

Friday, September 18, 2015


1) She has been going to a music class every Wednesday and has amazed me with what she has already learned.  Her teacher, Miss Jen, couldn't be cuter!!  She has learned new movements and songs that she loves to practice at home and I love to watch and listen to her.
2) Her favorite songs are: The Weather Dance, The Bumble Bee Song, and Old McDonald.  
3) She is such a girl.  The other day we were running and jumping with Aaron and McKesha.  Instead of jumping over McKesha as Aaaron had done she comes up, steps over, and then flings her arms to the side and says "tada".
4) She loves her carbs.  At dinner I have to barter with her to eat other items on her plate by promising her tortillas, rolls, bread etc.  
5) We have been having a lot of dance parties lately.  Her dance moves consist of jerking her arms up and down while jumping and tipping her head side to side :)  
6) She loves to have Josh throw her in the air.  She asks him to "go high".
7) She has been boycotting her naps lately.  Today she played in her room for 2 hours by herself...goof ball. 
8) She has loved to craft lately.  Josh and Evelyn purchased a wooden birdhouse and paint.  She was so meticulous in the placement of her paint on the house.  She is a little perfectionist.  

Apple Picking

This last Saturday we headed out to Apple Ridge Orchards for some picking.  Since moving to Rochester going to the orchard has been at the top of my bucket list.  I have always wanted to go apple picking and have that story book day of eating a picnic under the trees, picking apples, getting lost in a corn maze and creating lots of memories.  Evelyn was in heaven with all the apples around her.  There are probably quite a few apples on the ground that have little evelyn bits out of them.

Sunday, September 6, 2015


1) We have loved having the Speirs family come and stay with us.  Evelyn has had to learn some hard lessons in sharing and being kind.  It seems like every 2 seconds I hear her screaming because she wants something Aaron has, or Aaron wants something she has.  It does get better right?  I keep telling myself she is only 2, but sometimes I just want to scream.  The up side to the situation is that when they are sweet and kind to each other they are unbelievable cute.
2) She has hated going to sleep lately.  She is completely fine getting ready for bed, and getting in bed but the meltdown starts as soon as George turns off.  I think it has something to do with being in her big girl bed now.  She has the ability to get in and out, but other than that we have no idea.  I have started shutting her in her room to keep her from coming out time and time again.  It breaks my heart to listen to her cry.
3) She is starting to say more and more.  I can have conversations with her now and it is the best part of my day.
4) Usually when E goes to bed we sneak in and turn off her sound machine and night light. One evening she woke up and started crying, I rushed into her room and scooped her up.  I asked her what was wrong and she looked at me with big tears and said "too dark, too dark."  I couldn't help but kiss her and hold her tight.  What a sweet girl I have.  We now leave her night light on :)
5) Tonight McKeisha made the most delicious grilled chicken and veggies.  Evelyn has been unusually picky lately with her food choices and often goes to bed without eating.  Tonight I wanted her to eat something because we had brownies coming and I didn't want to have to tell her no.  After explaining this to her she got on my lap and reluctantly took a bite of zucchini (keep in mind it was grilled, and covered with cheese).  She fake gaged and then swallowed.  What a little actress.  Needless to say she got her brownie that night.
6) She has gone into nursery for 3 weeks in a row.  I can't believe how brave she is.  Today when I picked her up Sister Evans said that she was the happiest kid in the class.  Go Evelyn!!  Seriously never thought this day would come.
7) She loves to read books lately.  Her favorite books include: Shape by Shape, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie, The Very Busy Spider and That's Not My Mom.  It is so fun to listen to her "read" that's not my mom.  She turns each page and says "no, no, no" then proceeds to make the animal sound associated with that page.  She likes me to read her a book then immediately after she reads it to herself.  At the end of each books she says "me-nd" aka the end.
8) One day she was having a hard time sharing with Aaron so I gave her some books and put her in the hallway to have quiet time.  It was fun to watch her "read" each book to herself.
9) She still loves being outside, especially if it is raining.
10) Josh was working on the patio this weekend.  Evelyn had been wanting to go outside all day, but Josh was using a cement saw so inside is where she stayed.  When he was finally done E went outside to "help" clean up.  Josh hosed down the machine and in the process made a huge puddle.  Once she saw it it was all over.  Evelyn was covered in mud head to toe and smiling from ear to ear.
11) To brush her teeth we tell her there are bugs in there that we have to get.
12) clean up is "mee nuck" bouncy ball is "b ball" rain is "wain" snack is "nack"

Thursday, August 13, 2015


Evelyn has changed so much since the last time I posted.  She is more vocal, has more opinions and is more fun than ever.  

1) We went to a birthday party for one of her little friends, Annie.  Upon leaving Evelyn, through the car window, said "bye Annie."  Josh and I were so surprised.  It usually takes her along time to learn names.  We were so proud and made her say it all that night.  Since then she has started saying more and more names, upon our request :)
2) She loves to have snacks "nacks."  She knows where I put them and is frequently asking for one or bringing one to me.  
3) She loves to have noodles with cheese.  Basically, anything with cheese is her favorite food these days.  
4) At Annie's birthday party she helped to break a piƱata.  It took her awhile to figure out that she could gather the candy.  She was so proud of what she collected that she went around and showed all her friends and then everyone we Facetimed with the next day.  
5) Josh had an interview in Minneapolis this week and so Evelyn and I tagged along.  When Josh was in the interview Evelyn and I drove to a historic neighborhood to walk around.  The homes were absolutely amazing, but the most amazing part was just walking through a beautiful neighborhood with my cute little girl and the sticks she collected along the way.  
6)  At Ikea Josh took Evelyn to the bulk candy wall and let her pick out different pieces.  When she came to show me what she had collected her eyes were beaming and her face was elated.  The best part was watching the sugar coma that ensued after she ate the entire bag of candy in the car ride home.  I love that she makes these great memories with her dad.
7)  Evelyn ripped a page out of a library book.  I could have died.  I had to make the walk of shame back to he library, drag myself to the counter and hand them their destroyed book.  Then the lady said, in a hushed tone, that I had to pay for the book, which I'm sure was to keep from embarrassing me.  It was horrible, but luckily we get to keep the book to constantly remind me of this event in my life.  The treasures of being a mom.  
8) I bought Evelyn Play-doh this week and then after giving it to her wondered why I waited so long to buy it.  She loves it.  Her favorite is for me to make her a snack and a baby nest.  
9)  She has officially started singing in the car.  I was driving on the freeway this Wednesday, we were jamming to Frozen...again when she burst out signing.  Tears may have filled my eyes.  It was so sweet to listen to her little voice try and pronounce the word and sing the tune.
10) Still no luck in nursery :(

Monday, August 10, 2015

Daddy Date

Most of the time I try to be a patient, loving and kind mom but there are some days where I need a bit of a break.  That's when my awesome husband takes Evelyn out for a date.  I can't tell you how much Evelyn and I love this time.  I get some "me" time and she gets to go do something fun with dad. This particular trip the two of them headed to the SLC Capital then to Harmons for a treat.  Surprisingly evelyn wanted an Apple.  Im not going to complain that my kiddo wants apples instead of candy, but who picks an apple instead of candy?!

"Hi daddy"

In tow was her Belle doll.  

One of the positives about daddy daughter dates is how tired she is when she gets home.  Not only does she go to bed easily, but its a sure sign of how much fun she had.  

The apple!  She starts from one end and eats all the way through, core and all!

Thursday, July 23, 2015


1) She has started to repeat after characters on the TV.  My favorite to watch is the ending to Little Einsteins.  She pats, claps gives a bow and yells blast off .  I just love it.
2) Her singing consists of just screaming and holding the words.
3) She loves to read books now.  We frequently have to take books in the car.  Her favorite this week is Peekaboo Sofie and a book about Easter Eggs.
4) She has developed a love for the swings.  When we go to the park that is all she wants to do.
5) She has the best mom in the entire world. Her mom is the most kind, loving, and nurturing woman on earth. In addition, her mother is super hot.
6) When describing her time at the park to Josh she puts her hands in the air and says wee.
7) When anyone calls on FaceTime she has to show them all her toys, and what she has been coloring lately.
8) She likes to be wrapped up like a baby.
9) We went to Foster Arend Beach with some friends. Evelyn had a blast playing in the water and building sand castles.  Unfortunately she likes to build and destroy.  Her friends didn't think the destroying of their castles was fun.
10) She doesn't like the bath.  5 weeks ago she would take forever in the tub.  I can't figure out what has changed, but I hope it reverts back.
11) She loves to play in the sand in the backyard. She will sit for up to 45 minutes in the same spot playing.
12) She LOVES peanut butter
13) She has learned that if mom says no, dad will probably say yes
14) She has started a piggy bank. She was so excited to see the coins go in, but upset when she couldn't get them out.
15) She has finally started calling our house in Minnesota "home".
16) She loves having her window down in the car.
17) She calls flies "bees" and is deathly afraid of them.