Friday, September 18, 2015


1) She has been going to a music class every Wednesday and has amazed me with what she has already learned.  Her teacher, Miss Jen, couldn't be cuter!!  She has learned new movements and songs that she loves to practice at home and I love to watch and listen to her.
2) Her favorite songs are: The Weather Dance, The Bumble Bee Song, and Old McDonald.  
3) She is such a girl.  The other day we were running and jumping with Aaron and McKesha.  Instead of jumping over McKesha as Aaaron had done she comes up, steps over, and then flings her arms to the side and says "tada".
4) She loves her carbs.  At dinner I have to barter with her to eat other items on her plate by promising her tortillas, rolls, bread etc.  
5) We have been having a lot of dance parties lately.  Her dance moves consist of jerking her arms up and down while jumping and tipping her head side to side :)  
6) She loves to have Josh throw her in the air.  She asks him to "go high".
7) She has been boycotting her naps lately.  Today she played in her room for 2 hours by herself...goof ball. 
8) She has loved to craft lately.  Josh and Evelyn purchased a wooden birdhouse and paint.  She was so meticulous in the placement of her paint on the house.  She is a little perfectionist.  

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