Thursday, December 11, 2014

Birthday Boy!

Today is Josh's big day.  He is 29 years old, where did time go.  I married him when he was just 22 :)  Over the last 7 years we have had so many crazy experiences together.  We have moved 4 times, survived 3 step exams, lived in 2 states, and have one rambunctious toddler.  He is my best friend, my advocate, my sounding board, and holds all my happiness.  He is the only one I can be 100% me with.  I have grown to love this man more then I ever thought possible.  He is my everything!  Happy birthday Joshua :)

Monday, December 1, 2014


1) She has wigged every time I put her in her crib this week.  She goes through these spurts of going to bed easy and then not. 
2) Her dad can always make her laugh.  However, when she is sad or upset she only wants mom.
3) She pooped in the bathtub.  I had drained the water and was waiting for her to pick up her toys.  She was reluctant and just wanted out.  Me, being a stubborn parent, said no.  She needed to pick up her toys.  Well I learned my lesson.  I guess she couldn't hold it anymore :)  My fail.
4) She goes crazy for anything Christmas, especially Christmas trees and Santa. 
5) She will finally let me sit and read her a book.  Nothing makes me happier then reading a story to her.  
6) She wants to take the ornaments off the tree...not surprising.
7) She can walk down most small stairs without using the rail.  She is so proud of herself.
8) Her favorite food this week are the little Halo Oranges.  
9) I let her break asparagus for this weeks "Friends-giving" It kept her entertained for the longest time.  She kept breaking each stem into smaller and smaller pieces.  
10) She is into anything art these days.  We paint, color and play with stickers everyday. 
11) When she says stars, stairs and Josh they all sound the exact same.
12) She will now give me a kiss for no reason :) 
13) When she is thirsty she says "juice" I don't know why she says this.  She never gets juice and I never refer to water as juice.  Go figure!!
14) She can get herself into the car and then into her carseat.  
15) She loves statues.  It is hilarious to watch her hold a mannequins hand or give a bronze child a hug.