Thursday, August 21, 2014

Snow Bird

A few weeks ago we packed Evelyn up and headed to Snow Bird.  Since living in Utah we have tried to find any excuse to go hiking.  I forgot how much I loved the mountains and being up there with my family is just heaven.  This Saturday Josh though it would be fun to take the Snow Bird Tram and hike around the peak.  I loved the ride on the tram and the hikes we went on.  I have never seen so many wildflowers before.  It was breathtaking minus the bees that came with the flowers.  We walked through the tunnel at the peak and loved watching all the bikers ride down the mountain.  
After our hike we had a little picnic at the Lodge.


1) She is starting to ask questions all the time now.  She can't really form an actual question, but she does point to something and say "this?"  It is so fun to see how inquisitive she has become.  One day I'm going to count how many times in a row I hear "this".
2) She has learned to scream when she doesn't get what she wants.  Im hoping if I ignore it that it will go away...hopefully.
3) She absolutely loves shoes.  She received pink shoes from Grandma Janet that she will not take off.
4) She loves toys, especially girly toys.  It makes me so excited to have a tea party, or to see her snuggle and kiss her baby.
5) She has been sleeping in a lot lately.  I usually have to go into her room and wake her up around 9.
6) Last week we went to dinner with my Mom, Skyler, Ashlin and Josh.  While we were at the restaurant Evelyn threw up and took her diaper off.  Good thing the FDA wasn't dining with us.  Im sure we gave a good show.
7) She is so busy these days.  She stays with a toy or activity for about 10 seconds and moves on.  It makes my living room look absolutely lovely by the end of the day :)
8) When it is time to go to bed she will grab her blanket and run into her room, only to start crying because it is night night time.  The funny thing is the fact that she does this every night.
9) We have started watching Curious George.  We like to watch it in the morning while we get ready. I have grown to really like this cartoon :)
10) She is the sticker queen.
11) She refuses to sit in the grocery cart.  It is making grocery shopping extremely difficult.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

24th of July and Other Fun Things

Evelyn and I love to go to Thanksgiving Point.  They have so many fun activities, and museums for Evelyn to explore.  She gets extremely excited when she sees that we are headed to play and squeals at the top of her lungs.  It has been so fun to watch her explore through the different museums.  She now knows the exhibits that are her favorites and she usually v-lines straight for them.  Her absolute favorite is the wash room.  I can't figure out why she loves it so much other than the fact that she gets to press all the buttons.  

This is Evelyn gathering up all of the food in her wheelbarrow.  She is ready to go work for Grandpa Gil any day now.  

So last monday I was cooking chicken in a glass Pyrex dish when it exploded.  I have cooked chicken several times and have never experienced such a disaster.  As soon as I took it out of the oven and sat it down on the warm oven it literally exploded into thousands of pieces.  One of which sliced my ankle open.  It was horrible.  Luckily Evelyn wasn't in the kitchen.  But as soon as the explosion happened she came running to see what all the "fun" was about.   I must have looked awesome trying to stop the bleeding on my leg and carry my overly curious baby away from the war zone.  After all this I decided that we needed some Cafe Rio.  Bonus, because dinner was delayed we got to eat Rio with Dad.  

Evelyn and I want to do as many fun "Utah" things as possible for the short year we live here.  On the top of the list was the Pioneer Day Parade in SLC.  I have never been to it, but I had heard it was the best parade of the year.   We woke up early and headed downtown and found a perfect spot.  

We sat next to a darling family.  Evelyn immediately wanted to play with their little boy.  It was fun to see the both of them full of excitement as the floats went by.
Sam came into town!  My good friend Sam, from El Paso, was in town while her husband was doing an away rotation in Ogden.  We decided to meet up at a mall in Farmington.  It was a perfect day.  We were able to sit back and relax while Evelyn played on the grass and watched the fountain.

We went to the park and right as we got there E had a blowout.  Lucky Evelyn I had no extra clothes on me so she got to play in just a diaper.  

My loves watching a show together :)

This pictures kills me because this happens all the time.  Evelyn will climb on the couch and instead of sitting next to me she has to sit on me.  Love my little girl.

The splash pad at Thanksgiving Point.  I wish I had it in my backyard.  

So excited

We found some baby birds in the cave :)