Thursday, February 27, 2014

War Eagles Air Museum

In keeping up with our bucket list this past Saturday we headed to the War Eagles Air Museum.  This was unbelievable amazing.  It had cars and planes from almost every time period.  I feel like we found a hidden gem in El Paso and I kinda hope we get to go again before we leave.  

Dad snapped a picture before we headed out.  

The entire museum was inside a large hanger at a small airport outside of town.  It was fun to hear small planes landing outside while we looked at the planes inside. 

Josh's favorite plane in the background.  It was so big. 

This was one of the first drag racing cars.  

Someone put a jar of Grey Poupon in the dash of this Rolls Royce. 

Dont get sucked in Evelyn!

Evelyn is no stranger to flying.  She was ready to take off.  

We went outside to watch the planes take off and land. 

Valentines Day 2014

We had a wonderful Valentines Day this year.  It started with a pancake breakfast and fun day of playing while Josh was at school.  The end of the day was the best.  As a gift Josh made me dinner!  It was so delicious I told him he should do it more often :)

We loved all the love notes and packages from friends and family.  
The valentines E sent out this year were prints of her feet in the shape of a v, to be the v in the word love.  For her friends she got applesauce packets that said you are my main squeeze. They all turned out darling.  

Spaghetti Dinner

One of my favorite meals as a good was spaghetti . My parents would make it for my siblings and me before they went on a date.  It made that night so much fun.  Im glad to announce that E loves spaghetti just as much as I do.  The pictures dont do this dinner justice.  She was smothering the noodles all over her face trying to get as much in her mouth as possible.  

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

White Sands Missile Range

Josh and I started our El Paso Bucket List.  We only have 3 more months here and lots of fun places to visit in that time.  Our first outing is out at the White Sands Missile Range.  I was a little skeptical of the day.  I really have no interest in looking at what I though were going to be "big guns"but boy was I surprised.  The museam had an impressive array of military vehicles, rockets and weapons.  It was almost intimidating to look out and see all that they had. 
Out of the stroller and moving around.  

Standing by the V2

We learned that this is one of the only Patriot Missile Launchers that is open to see into.  

A replica of what the atomic bomb casing looked like.  

Im not sure why we took this pic, but the size of the rocket behind her is ridiculous.  

Doesn't this look intense.  

This helicopter was damaged during the Vietnam War.  I couldnt even imagine!

Utah Trip Extras

While in Utah my Grandma Sally came down from SLC.  It was great to see her, Robyn and my Aunt Melinda.  Recently my dad pulled out slides of his childhood and the projector that goes with them.  It was fun to see my grandma look at those old pictures and to get her side of the story with each one. 

My mom made the girls matching dresses.  They look so cute. 
Poor Cole

Pop Pop and his grandkids!

makes me laugh.  She had to wear all of her jewelry. 

Sunday, February 23, 2014


1) She is starting to take more and more steps on her own.  Today in church she stood up, with no help, and took about 3 steps to a table.  I was so proud of her. 
2) She is in to everything.  If there is something she is not supposed to touch she will touch it.  She is getting better and often knows when she is being naughty because she will look at me before she touches something that is off limits. 
3) She has the funniest little laugh.  It started about a week ago and sounds like a little owl.  
4) Saying she is a mommas girl is an understatement. 
5) 2 nights ago she slept for 11 hours 47 min.  What a treat!
6) Church is hard.  We got called as nursery workers and Evelyn loves to go in and play with the kids.  She did great besides getting conked in the head with a toy truck...poor girl. 
7) Lilo and Stitch is her new favorite movie. 
8) She loves to dance with me :)  one of the highlights of my day. 
9) She has started to pretend play by giving her baby hugs and drinking out of her toy teacup. 
10) She still gets so sad when anyone leaves. 
11) When she is sad she lays her head on the ground and cries. 
12) All she says all day is dada.  Funny thing is when dada gets home she hugs him for 2 seconds and goes on her way...such a goof. 
13) When we go to the store she wants to reach out of the cart and touch or grab everything.  We have had some close calls. 
14) She loves to Skype / Facetime with anyone.  She knows when my phone makes that special ring that someone is calling to see her.  
15) When we put her to bed at night she sits in their and moves her toys around her crib.  It always makes me laugh to see how she has reorganized her crib when I check on her before bed. 
16) She loves her bottle and I'm a little nervous to take it away from her in 10 days. 
17) She loves to look out and pound on the window.

Our baby will be 1 in 10 days.  We love her and cant believe she is getting so big :)

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Evelyn's Song and First Year

For Valentines Day Grandpa Dave sang and recorded a special song for Miss Evelyn.  I couldnt help but put it to pictures of her from over the last year.  I cant believe my baby will be 1 in a couple of weeks.  Thanks Grandpa for this special treasure.

Photo Overload

I had so many pictures on Josh's phone that I wanted to get on the blog.  Im sorry for the out of order picture overload.
Evelyn loves to be on anyones shoulders.  This is her on one of our many walks. 
We went to the Festival of Trees with our friends Tony, Lindsay and little Avonlea.  They had a large giraffe there that E loved to look at.
Hanging up lights with Grandma and Grandpa while styling Uncle Skylers hat!
Bath time in the sink!
My first time shooting a gun.  Kyle kept handing me bigger and bigger ones.
Bike ride with dad
She loves to look in the fridge.  I think she would eat all day if we let her.
This is a picture of the thunderbird.  We like to hike to it on Josh's days off.
Jerzie and I made Grandma Janets cake.
If you have food, especially ice cream, she will find you.
Heading home after a fun trip in Utah.
Our 10 month which should have been our 9 month apt with Dr. Coleman.
First time seeing the horses.
Looking at Uncle Jerry's magazine.
Playing at Chris and Amanda's house.