Tuesday, July 29, 2014

St. George 2014

Since Josh was MIA for most of July we decided to head down to St. George to see our families. 
While we were there Jerzie and Nash were in town!  We hardly ever get to see them.  It was so fun to see Evelyn play with her Reber cousins and spend time together.  Since it was so hot and all the kids wanted to dow as be outside Grandpa thought he would pull out a tub and give all the kids a red neck bath!  They had so much fun and played in it for hours.  

Evelyn and I went to Vernon Worthen park.  I used to play there all the time as a kid.  It was great to watch Evelyn play while I sat in the shade of the huge trees.  
Popsicles anyone?  We have only had about 50.

How we eat a popsicle when we get to the stick part. 

Mom stop taking pictures

Cheesy face. 

Friday night I piped some popcorn and we all watched a show.  We don't have cable so we got our fill of Sofia the First and Doc McStuffins.  Rough life.  

Grandma and her Evie

Cute cousins!

"Oh grandma this is your water bottle?  Can I have some...all of it?"
Nash giving me the stink eye :)

Jerzie is growing up so fast.  STOP growing cute girl.

This pool had a little slide on it that Evelyn and Nash loved.  

Hanging out with Great Grandma

Grandma and her Jerzie

One of my best friends from high school was also in town visiting family.  Since we were both in good old St. George we had to get together and take our girls swimming.  It was such a fun morning with these 2 girls.  I miss Erika and wish we lived closer.  

My sticker girl

Evelyn's best friend is Jazz Kitty.  Poor cat does not feel the same about Evelyn.  

Being so patriotic with her flag watching the storm come in.

This is how we read books :)

Monday, July 28, 2014


Evelyn has been doing a lot of funny things lately.  I can't help but share some of them.

1) We took her to play at the splash pad in Thanksgiving Point.  When playing she would go
into the water play for a second then run back and smile at Josh and I.  She probably did this 15 times.  Just checking in :)
2) When something is hard to open she makes this funny growling talking noise.  
3) We are learning how to share.  Tonight I asked her to take one of her fruit snacks and give it to dad.  She grabbed one and walked over to him then quickly put it in her mouth.  When I told her again to give it to dad she slowly took the half chewed fruit snack and handed it to him.  She is learning so much :)  
4) She loves to dip anything an everything in ketchup.  Most of the time she likes to just dip her fingers in it and lick it off.  
5) Today at Costco Josh and I split frozen yogurt.  We offered E some but she only wanted to eat grapes.  What kid wants grapes over ice cream!
6) She has to follow me everywhere. 
7) She doesn't like to go to bed.  She knows when it is time because she starts to cry.  The funny thing about this is she doesn't really fight it.  She grabs her blanket and cries as she walks (on her own) to her room.  I can't help but laugh at her.  
8) She has to have a small army of toys in her crib with her.  As soon as she wakes up we have to take all the toys out of the crib.  One time Josh forgot to grab her blanket when he got her up and she started crying so hard.  As soon as he went and got it the tears stopped instantly.  
9) She wants to climb on EVERYTHING but still has no sense of gravity.  
10)  She is very patient with other kids.  She usually is very calm and happy to play.  
11) Whenever we go to a park or to Thanksgiving Point she knows and starts screaming with excitement in the car.  As soon as you let her out of the car she starts running toward the fun. 
12) She knows how to turn on the radio on our alarm clock.  Any chance she gets, usually when I'm getting ready, she runs into our room to turn it on.  She now knows how to climb on our bed as well. 
13) She rarely cries when she is done sleeping.  She starts talking and playing with her toys.  I usually hear her babbling in her bed and go in to get her.   
14) She loves to have you point to things.  If there is a book or a picture she will grab your finger and guide you over the pages. 
15) She will come in the house, take her shoes off and put them in the basket without being asked :)
16) She can follow simple instructions. 

Love that face!

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Grandma Visits

Janet came into town for the 4th of July.  She and I were going to Stadium of Fire to see Carrie Underwood perform.  Evelyn loves her grandma and was thrilled to see her walk through the door.  

Stadium of Fire with Janet!  It was AMAZING.  We had tickets down on the floor, unclose and personal.  It has been a dream of mine to see Carrie.  Im so happy to say I can cross this off my bucket list.  The only down of the night was spending 45 minutes in traffic trying to get out of Provo. Special thanks goes to Rick and Cindy for watching Evelyn for us.  She had a great time playing with their grand kids and dog Bingo.  The only thing she didn't like were the fireworks.  They are too loud for her :)

Carrie was amazing and sounds the same live as she does on CD.  


5 minutes later :)

The next day we headed up to Park City to spend the night.  Josh had just finished a 24 hour shift at the hospital so he was a little loopy.  So loopy that he forgot to pack clothes for the trip.  Good thing the outlets were right there.  We stayed at the Sundial Lodge and it was perfect.  They have a little lift to take you from the lodge down to a parking lot.  She was a little nervous, but liked the ride. 

The Canyons started their summer concert series.  So we grabbed a blanket and planned to listen.  Turns out the music wasn't our style :) but it was fun to watch Miss E dance. 

Later that night Janet watched E so that Josh and I could go on a little date.  The last time Josh and I went out alone was March so we were happy to have a night together.  We split the most amazing pizza and enjoyed walking around the Canyons Resort.  

First Lake Trip

After 15 AMAZING years of boating it was time for my parents to sell their boat.  My siblings and I are spread out all over the country and have not been on the boat for 4 years.  So, for one last sentimental day we took the boat out to Quail Lake.  Evelyn has never been to a lake let alone one a boat.  I wasn't sure if she was going to like it and I knew she was going to hate the life vest.  We started off the day at Harmons for Donuts then off to Quail.  Evelyn was grumpy at first.  She wasn't sure about the life vest and the noises the boat made.  After putting her in the water she really wasn't sure how she felt.  Luckily she fell asleep for about and hour then woke up with a completely different attitude.  She LOVED the boat.  It was a perfect morning.  

Driving the boat.  She is skilled