Wednesday, July 2, 2014


After Josh had finished school we had about 3 weeks before we were moving.  We took advantage of the nearby mountains and headed camping with some friends.  Since Josh and I don have camping gear we were going to meet our friends up there first thing in the morning then leave after dinner.  When we got up to CloudCroft the Jensen and Solomon clan were already awake and looked a little tired.  Apparently it had been a rough night.  It was a fun day full of hiking, talking and enjoying nature.  We all took turns making a meal.  Our assignments was dinner.  Josh and I made dutch oven potatoes, pigs in a blanket and peach cobbler for dessert.  We had our weeks worth of calories and fat in one meal, but it was absolutely worth it.  Evelyn loved being outside and enjoying all the different plants and bugs she found :)  She was also horrendously dirty from the trip, which translates to a good day!  Love my mountain girl.

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