Wednesday, April 24, 2013


1) She is the happiest baby (except when she is hungry or has a big poop).  She is constantly smiling and talking to us now.  I love having a little conversation with her.  Trying to get her to say mommy but so far no luck haha. 

2) She is officially in 3 month clothing.  She doesn’t fill it out, but she is so tall we had to go up a size. 

3) She had a blow out so bad last night that I just cut the onesie off of her. 

4) She has turned into a little momma’s girl, which I love.  I need to enjoy it while I can because with Josh as a dad she will inevitable want to hang with the fun parent.  So im going to soak it all in. 

5) She is currently asleep on my lap and looks so peaceful.  She is such a quiet sleeper. 

6) She still loves sitting in her carseat and it puts her to sleep every time.

7) She went with me to mutual for the first time and didn’t make a peep.  She was a great honorary Beehive. 

8) She loves looking at herself in the mirror.  Makes her smile!

9) She is growing like a weed and constantly wants to eat. 

10) She had 3 blowouts in the last 24 hours.  I need to do some laundry poor girl is out of pjs. 

11) We had our first park date.  We went with Nicole Welch and her cute kids.  It was fun to watch her play on a mat in the shade.  Cassidy, Nicole’s 6-month baby, and Evie were lying next to each other and Evie is already the same height.  It was funny to see. 

We sure love our baby girl.  She is the best little girl we could ask for.  We can’t get enough of her.  

Friday, April 19, 2013

First Trip to Utah

The last week Evie and I made the long trip to Utah.  We were both so excited to head home and visit with family.  To top it all off Ceri and Madelynn were flying in as well.  I had a lot of anxiety about traveling/flying with Evie all by myself.  Luckily, I was blessed with a great baby who slept the entire way home.  Everyone on the plane asked if I really had a baby because she was so quiet.  I was proud of my little girl.   We made it to Las Vegas and Grandma Jill was there to pick us up.  Soon Ceri arrived and to St. George we went.  Evie had a great time meeting her grandpas, cousins, and many others.  Madelynn could not get enough of her.  She wanted to be with Evie every second and would watch over her so lovingly.  She even tried moving her while Evie was in her carseat because the dog walked in the room.  What a great older sister she will make someday.  Friday and Saturday we headed up to Provo to meet Uncle Skyler.   We dropped into Provo real fast then headed to Salt Lake to see Temple Square and City Creek Mall.  Both were absolutely amazing.  City Creek is so unique and interesting to walk through, and the flowers at Temple Square were to die for.  I loved looking at all the beauty that surrounded us as we walked on the temple grounds.  While we were there Madelynn spotted some brides and was just elaited to see their pretty dresses.  We also dropped in to see my Grandma Sally.  She is doing great and we miss her.  She seems really happy in Salt Lake now.  The next day we walked around BYU.  I sure miss going to school.  I couldn’t help but get our little family of three new BYU t’shirts (thanks mom and dad).  I cant wait for Evie to know and love BYU like I do.  It probably is a little unnatural, but I sure do love that school and loved going to school there.  Later that night we headed back to St. George and again Evie was such a great traveler.  It gives me hope for trips in the future.  Sunday Ceri was not feeling very well so my mom, dad and I took Madelynn to church with us.  Having 2 kids is hard haha but both girls did great.  Later that day I headed up to the Reber house so Evie could meet the Reber clan.  It was so fun having a little “get to know Evie” party.  It was fun seeing her with all the people that I have come to know and love.   Thanks Dave and Janet for such a wonderful evening.  The rest of the week was full of great fun, laughs, family and great food (cafĂ© rio).  Thanks everyone for such a great week.  June cant come soon enough to visit again.  
So excited to be on the carousel.  

Grandma and her Evie

So my dad and M were playing "hide the ball" and M thought a great place to hide it would be the thorny rose bush.  It was so funny.  

M and me making hershey kiss cookies for Uncle Skyler.  

Italian good

She was out cold.  

Playing at City Creek

Meeting Grandma Sally

This seems to be the position she likes to be in to fall asleep lately.  Im not complaining!

Uncle Skyler a little afraid to burp her. 

Just love this face. 

The house Josh and I lived in while attending BYU.  They ripped out the trees on the left makes me so sad. 

Bath Time

Ceri was sick so it was up to Grandpa and me to get her lunch.  Do you notice what color theme we were going for.  Thats a lot of orange food :)

Meeting Grandma Reber

The Ladies

Aunt Rene

4 generations minus Josh

Such a darling couple and their three kids.

Madelynn rocking Evie to sleep.

Grandma and her girls!

Jerzie holding Evie all by herself!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Dressing Miss Evie

Well I am not a pro at dressing Miss Evie and probably wont be for a while, but this was too funny not to post.  Josh was trying to get her church dress off... the pictures describe it all.  
Baby clothes should never need to go over the head haha.  I can’t stand it.   

First Doctors Appointment

Our first Dr. appointment was Friday, March 8th.  We had to go in to have her jaundice levels tested.  That morning Josh had to go back to school and my mom had not yet arrived in El Paso so my great friend Stephanie Condie came over to help me get up and ready to go.  She was such a great help that day.  I don’t know what I would have done without her.  When we arrived at the appointment Josh surprised us and was waiting in the parking lot.  He was able to sneak away from school to be with us.  Once the nurse called us back we were able to weigh and measure Evie.  She had gained 8 oz (looking back now it was all due to the massive amount of pooh she was holding in) and was measuring at 21 ¼ inches long.  Our girl definitely knows how to grow.   We went back to our room and began to wait for the Dr. to come in.  Josh and I were both worried that her levels were not going to change because she had not had a bowl movement (necessary to release bilirubin).  While waiting miss Evie had a wet diaper.  Josh and I get up to change her and then low and behold she started pooping.  WAHOO.  I have never been so happy to see poop in all my life.  She had a lot. It kept coming and coming.  She filled the diaper and then proceeded to poop into my hand (don’t worry I was also holding a wipe).   Josh was so excited he promised to buy her a car someday, which will probably come back to haunt us.  Soon the doc came in, tested her and gave us a great report.  Baby girl was healthy and happy and no longer jaundiced.  
Dont I look fabulous haha

Spit Up

This is a little late and more nostalgic for Josh and I, but this was her first big spit up.  

Friday, April 5, 2013

The Hospital

On March 5, 2013 at midnight I started to feel contractions.  I had felt lots of contractions in the month leading up to that night so I thought they would lead to nothing, but for fun we started timing them.  They started at about 10 minutes apart and started getting closer and closer over the first hour.  To keep me distracted I turned on Frasier.  I love Frasier and the funny remarks from Niles helped to keep my mind occupied.  Over the next 2 hours I started to notice my contractions getting closer and closer, stronger and stronger.  When they went under 5 minutes apart I decided to take a shower, get ready and wake up Josh.  At 3:20 ish we hoped in the car and headed to the hospital.  The next 15 hours were somewhat of a slow blur.   It seems crazy how anxious we were and how long it took us to get to 10 cm.  When I finally got to 10 cm I started to get really nervous.  Any minute we were going to have our beautiful little girl and our lives would change.  35 or so minutes of pushing and then our Evelyn was here.   Luckily there was another delivery going on so our nurses had to run off leaving us with her for over an hour.  That hour was precious and amazing as it finally sunk in that our family of 2 was now a family of 3.  At the end of our hour they took Evie to the nursery and me to recovery.
On her way to sit under the light
Poor baby got Josh's blood type with some of my antibodies and had to sit under the light
She passed her hearing test!
Our recovery room

I wish I could have taken this cart with me.  

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Saying Thanks

We are so in love with Evie, and wanted to take a second to recognize some of the amazing people who helped with her delivery and first few days of life. 

1) Crystal our Labor and Delivery nurse.
Crystal was such a great nurse.  I loved how every time I buzzed her she came-a-running!  She never made me feel silly for asking her hundreds of questions.  She was so attentive and fun to be around. 

2) Dr. Brandl our AMAZING OB
I couldn’t have asked for a better doctor.  Dr. Brandl has helped us channel the difficult waters of having a baby.  She helped us cope with 2 miscarriages, and was a great calming coach (For lack of a better term) in the delivery room.  She always made me feel at ease and would bend over backwards for us.  I’m only sad that we probably wont live in El Paso for her to help us with our 2nd child. 

3) Roxanna our Recovery Nurse
She is my hero.  She was such a huge help.  Not only did she send us home with tons of extra things from the hospital, but she helped me to navigate through those first few days of motherhood.  She listened, answered questions, and attended to any need we had. 

4) Fred our CRNA
He was my favorite person of the day.  Thank you epidural couldn’t have done it without you!  He was so funny and so talented.  He had that epidural kicking in at record time.