Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Saying Thanks

We are so in love with Evie, and wanted to take a second to recognize some of the amazing people who helped with her delivery and first few days of life. 

1) Crystal our Labor and Delivery nurse.
Crystal was such a great nurse.  I loved how every time I buzzed her she came-a-running!  She never made me feel silly for asking her hundreds of questions.  She was so attentive and fun to be around. 

2) Dr. Brandl our AMAZING OB
I couldn’t have asked for a better doctor.  Dr. Brandl has helped us channel the difficult waters of having a baby.  She helped us cope with 2 miscarriages, and was a great calming coach (For lack of a better term) in the delivery room.  She always made me feel at ease and would bend over backwards for us.  I’m only sad that we probably wont live in El Paso for her to help us with our 2nd child. 

3) Roxanna our Recovery Nurse
She is my hero.  She was such a huge help.  Not only did she send us home with tons of extra things from the hospital, but she helped me to navigate through those first few days of motherhood.  She listened, answered questions, and attended to any need we had. 

4) Fred our CRNA
He was my favorite person of the day.  Thank you epidural couldn’t have done it without you!  He was so funny and so talented.  He had that epidural kicking in at record time.

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