Sunday, October 19, 2014

Thanksgiving Point and Brianhead

Evelyn and I were heading down to Brianhead to meet up with the rest of the clan for conference weekend.  Before we headed out we had the opportunity to spend some time with Josh at Thanksgiving Point.  I really cherish these moments that the three of us get to be together.  It doesn't happen very often anymore and it really makes me appreciate my hubby and how hard he is working. I wish he got to spend more time with us, but the little he does we make memorable :)  This particular trip we took a stroll through the AMAZING gardens.  We also wanted to check out where Ashlin and Skyler's luncheon will be.  It was with out a doubt one of the most beautiful gardens I have ever seen.   
Josh found a golfball in one of the planters and Evelyn had to have it.  She played the oh so fun game of fetch.  Sometimes I feel like I have a dog instead of a l8 month old.

She was thrilled to be on top of the waterfall looking down.

Please Please let me back here.

My beautiful daughter full of energy.  

Kisses for dad

One of my favorite traditions, that we haven't been able to do since moving to TX, was watching conference at the cabin.  It is the most relaxing and spiritually feeding weekend.  Unfortuanetly, Josh was at the hospital that weekend so it was Just E and I.  

Jenna dog sleeping in the back of the car.  She stayed there for at least 2 hours. 

Evelyn's BFF is Ashlin.  She drug poor Ashlin all over the place.

Saturday night Todd and Julie Gerth came up to join in the festivities. 
Of course we had to pick up several rocks on our walks.

The Ott, Almquist and Gerth gang

Dad and Jim Ott.  

 I love these 2 and they are like a second set of parents to  me. 

Evelyn was thrilled to watch the cows move and graze across the valley.  She is at such a fun age and has such a love for animals.

Evelyn is definitely Grandpas girl

She loved this rock and at one point had someone at each corner trying to lure her down.

The soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Almquist

Evelyn even warmed up to Uncle Skyler on our last day there :)

My little geology girl.  She has to pick up every rock, stick and leaf she finds.

Seriously check out those colors!  Fall is by far my most favorite time of the year.  The leaves change color, the air becomes cool and crisp it is just magical!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Park City

On Josh's day off we thought it would be fun to head to PC and enjoy the balloon festival.  We packed up Evelyn, called our great friends and drove up the canyon.  We got there in time to eat at Josh's favorite restaurant Maxwells.  

Evelyn and Payden enjoyed playing out on the green space while we were waiting for our table.  

Unfortunately the balloon festival was cancelled due to wind.  Luckily, the balloon owners still let those who came out to watch pull the gas and watch the balloon flames.  Evelyn was absolutely terrified and would not let me put her down.  She buried her head in my shoulder and didn't come up for anything but air.  

Afterwards we walked up main street and got a treat.


1) She loves to give anyone and everyone a high 5.  She is so proud of herself after she does it.
2) Tonight we went to Josh's hospital to get a treat, and to see if we could catch a glimpse of Mr. Doctor.  Luckily, he was able to come down for just a minute.  Evelyn is so in love with her dad that she squealed with glee and ran to him as soon as he came through the doors.  The sad part about our life right now is that every moment we get with Josh is accompanied with the time that we have to say goodbye, and that happens all too often.  Poor E was not ready to say bye to dada just yet and when he walked away she fell to the floor and started crying.  I couldn't help but feel the same way.
3) Lately she has to have her baby and blanket with us everywhere we go.  Tonight she put her baby in the cart siting next to her.
4) Yesterday when we were watching Jude she probably gave him 10 hugs.  It was so fun to turn around and see her giving him a love :)  I think she has started to try and say his name.
5)  She is learning that just because she says please doesn't mean she actually gets what she wants.
6) I pulled out the craft box today and she was thrilled beyond belief to go through it with me.  
7) While cleaning out our storage closet I pulled out Evelyn's old carseat.  She spent most of the morning getting in and out of it.  It was crazy to see her in it and compare how she looked in it 19 months ago.  How did she get so big!  Stop growing!!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Random Happenings

Evelyn and I were invited to go to my Grandmas Louau.  We had a great time listening to the live music, eating the yummy food, and talking with Grandma and Aunt Mel.  Evelyn was lucky and got to wear her swimsuit in honor of the event.  

Evelyn and I headed to Vernal to go to Amber's baby shower.  While there my awesome family helped me tie a quilt that I can snuggle with in Minnesota.  It was one of the most relaxing evenings I have had in awhile.  We did nothing but talk, and laugh and before we knew it the entire quilt was done.  
**Evelyn thought she would play a fun trick on me while I was working.  She pushed the button on the back of my chair which launched me forward into the quilt.  We all were laughing so hard, I think there were a few tears.  

Where is Evelyn?  This was her favorite room in the entire house.  Everyone who came through the door was immediately snatched by Evelyn and taken on a tour of the room.

The last night of our trip we had a family BBQ at Ken and Mindy's home.  Evelyn was in heaven with the sandbox, swing set and the bench that was just her size :)

On the rare occasion that Josh has a Sunday off we try to fill it with as many family activities as possible.  This particular time we went downtown and found a park with a slide that looks like it was built in the 50's.  Evelyn had a great time going up and down a million times :)

Evelyn got mail :)

Evelyn has been featured on BabySteals a few times.  It is so fun to see her picture pop up on my computer.  She is so good to let us take her pictures and just looks so stinking cute.

Watching a movie with her friends.

One of her favorite pass times is stickers.  She loves to put them on anyone and everyone that is near her (including the dog).  Today I was her canvas.

Watching a movie on her DVD player. 

Come with me mom :)

Evelyn and I got to spend a fantastic day with these 2 cuties.  My good friend Jill and her little boy were in town while Jeff completed a rotation at the U.  We met up at the zoo and had a blast seeing the animals, riding the carousel, and catching up.

Cousin Robyn her new BFF

This was my moms birthday cake.  I completely botched it.  I made it THREE times and ruined it THREE Times.  Luckily my mom loved it and Evelyn found it delicious.

Zoo time with our friends Avery and Nicole!