Thursday, October 2, 2014


1) We are talking more and more these days.  She has learned to say "pwease"  it is so fun to hear her want something then follow it up with please.  It makes me so happy that she is becoming more willing to talk.  
2) We went home last weekend to hang with my mom and her birthday.  While there miss e didn't get to bed before 10 o'clock.  I have a little night owl on my hands.  
3) She is infatuated with her baby dolls, animals (preferably bears) and any kind/type of ball she can get her hands on.  
4) She has discovered a new found love of the pillow.  She loves them so much that she insists on sleeping with mine on a permanent basis now.  Looks like a trip to target for a pillow is in my future.  
5) We have started time out on a consistent basis.  Luckily she is learning very fast.  Today I asked E to put my phone, which she was using, in my purse so we could leave.  She refused and threw the phone on the ground, so a timeout was issued.  She did this 2 more times before she finally put my phone in the purse.  Im glass she is learning, but I feel so bad sometimes.  
6) She is so thrilled when daddy comes home.  She runs around screaming in excitement while periodically stopping to give him hugs.
7) When you chase her she runs towards you.  

She is the best little girl I could have ever imagined!

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