Tuesday, October 7, 2014


1) She loves to give anyone and everyone a high 5.  She is so proud of herself after she does it.
2) Tonight we went to Josh's hospital to get a treat, and to see if we could catch a glimpse of Mr. Doctor.  Luckily, he was able to come down for just a minute.  Evelyn is so in love with her dad that she squealed with glee and ran to him as soon as he came through the doors.  The sad part about our life right now is that every moment we get with Josh is accompanied with the time that we have to say goodbye, and that happens all too often.  Poor E was not ready to say bye to dada just yet and when he walked away she fell to the floor and started crying.  I couldn't help but feel the same way.
3) Lately she has to have her baby and blanket with us everywhere we go.  Tonight she put her baby in the cart siting next to her.
4) Yesterday when we were watching Jude she probably gave him 10 hugs.  It was so fun to turn around and see her giving him a love :)  I think she has started to try and say his name.
5)  She is learning that just because she says please doesn't mean she actually gets what she wants.
6) I pulled out the craft box today and she was thrilled beyond belief to go through it with me.  
7) While cleaning out our storage closet I pulled out Evelyn's old carseat.  She spent most of the morning getting in and out of it.  It was crazy to see her in it and compare how she looked in it 19 months ago.  How did she get so big!  Stop growing!!

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