Friday, June 14, 2013

3 Months Old

I took some 3 month pics of Evie.  I cant believe how old she is :)  Im so happy to be her momma.  I love her and love this phase she is in.  

Monday, June 10, 2013

No More Ice Cream

Talking and Laughing


1) She usually goes to bed all by herself, but Friday night she had a change of heart.  She would not fall asleep and didn’t want to be put down.  She was screaming and screaming so we thought that something was wrong.  We put her in bed with us to get her to calm down.  10 minutes later she was asleep.  We then took her to her crib.  Still don’t know what was bothering her.  Maybe she just wanted her mom and dad. 
2) She has not pooped in 3 days…yikes.
3) She loves dad now….most of the time.  She let him babysit her for about 3 hours on Sunday.
4) She loves to talk during Sacrament Meeting.  It entertains the pew in front and behind us. 
5) She has started to laugh and talk a lot more.
6) She loves to kick in the bathtub and splash the water.
7) She loves to be held facing out.  She is a people watcher.
8) We are flying home in 1 week and we cant wait.
9) She loves to play with her lion toy.
10) Any chance she gets she strains her neck to see the TV. 
11) She can hold her neck up like a champ, especially when she is on her tummy. 
12) Still only takes about a 30 minute nap.
13) Loves to smile at everyone.
14) The Kelty Backpack came this week.  We cant wait to put her in it and go hiking.
15) She fell asleep while skyping with my mom.  It was funny to watch her go from wide awake to sound a sleep (drooling) in about 10 seconds. 
16) She held and to her bottle and fed herself for about 15 seconds. 
17) She still loves her hands and is constantly chewing on them.
Just lounging on Sunday morning

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Tummy Time

Pardon my horrible camera skills.  Evie has been doing a great job at holding her head up.  Unfortunately she would never do it while on her stomach...until today.  

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


1) She slept through the night.  I have never been so excited.  She went to bed at 9:45 and woke up at 7:30. 
2) She has given up on trying to roll over.  She must be tired of trying.
3) Tummy Time is horrible.  She hates it.  She either cries, or just lays there. 
4)  She talks and talks.  I love her expressions.  It is as if she knows what we are saying to her.
5) We took a nap together and she woke up screaming after about 30 minutes.  The second I picked her up she stopped. After that I held her for the remaining of her nap.  I wonder if she had a nightmare.  Poor girl.
6) She rode in the stroller like a big girl without the help of her carseat.
7) She still likes the Bumbo.
8) She has gone to bed by herself now for an entire week.  She has had to cry it out 3 times.  I shouldn’t really say she cries it out.  She cries/wines for about 3 minutes then falls asleep.
9) She still loves her momma but is starting to warm up to daddy.
10) Luv’s diapers are the only ones that prevent her frequent blowouts.

Love this phase of her life.  She is my little talker and I cant get enough of her.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Bumbo and Golfing

Today we decided to put Evie in the Bumbo.  A few weeks ago we put her in it, but noticed her cute thighs couldn’t fit down inside.  We thought it was a lost cause due to her cute thunder thighs.  We thought she would never use the bumbo again.  Well today Josh wanted to try it one more time and we had success.  She still needs assistance getting her thighs in and out, but other than that she loved it.  She is a champ at holding her head up and the Bumbo is going to help her practice.  

Hi little Josh!

Last night we went to Bahama Bucks and the driving range with our friends Josh and McKesha Spiers.  On our way to find the driving range we got lost and when we called the company to get directions the lady told us to look for the golfing range in the big ditch.  We all laughed when the lady told us to look for the ditch, but as we came up on the range we saw that she wasn’t kidding.  It was a range where you hit the balls into a huge drainage ditch haha.  It was a night of laughs as I attempted to hit golf balls.  Golfing has never been one of my skills.  Later that night as we were heading home Evie had a complete meltdown in the car.  She screamed so bad that we stopped at a local grocery store to pull her out of the carseat.  I thought she had broken a limb she was screaming so hard, but as it turned out she was just hungry.  This girl loves to keep us on our toes.