Wednesday, March 25, 2015

First Snow

This winter in SLC has been extremely mild, so mild in fact that there is NO snow.  Desperate to get her used to some sort of cold Josh and I took Jude and Evelyn to Park City to play.  We gathered all of the snow equipment, and makeshift snow equipment we had and hit the road.  I always used to laugh at the younger brother in The Christmas Story who is bundled up so tight that he cant put his arms down, but that is what happened to the poor kids.  Afraid of letting them get cold, and ruining their first experience, I overdid it with the layers.  Nonetheless they had a great day.  Evelyn loved building a big and little snowman with Josh and Jude enjoyed watching.  Both ate lots and lots of snow and ran until they were exhausted.  To warm up we walked across the street and had ourselves a train burger.  It was such a success that it gave me a lot of hope for our upcoming Minnesota winters. 

Monday, March 23, 2015

Taking a Toddler to Church

Taking a toddler to church is kind of like disarming a bomb.  You have 3 colors of cords red, blue and yellow cut the wrong one and the bomb explodes, cut the right one and you are safe.  This is how I feel when taking Evelyn to church.   Some days I cut the right cord and some days we blow up.  This particular Sunday was not a good day.  Sometimes when I have to take her out I feel glares from others.  Why cant I control her?  Why is she screaming?  Haven’t they taught her to behave any better?  Sometimes its hard to be positive and keep coming each week.  There really are some Sundays I want to cry, and have.  I remember once taking Evelyn and putting her back in the car so that I could just cry.  After composing myself I took her back in, but boy was it tempting just to go home.   It is comforting though to hear comforting words from more experienced moms.  They tell me to hang in there, or to keep trying and it does get better.  It is those comments that keep me coming back.  I want my daughter to love this gospel as much as Josh and I do and I know with time and patience she will.  We try to be better each Sunday.  We are going to get there right?


Best Friends

Leaving El Paso was really hard for me primarily because we had such AMAZING friends.  We were almost like a little family, and did just about everything together.  Evelyn had great kids to play with and I had great moms to talk to while our husband was busy busy busy.  Luckily, I was able to find 2 similar friends in SLC.  Its been fun watching Evelyn interact with Liv and Jude.  She loves them and wakes up EVERY morning asking for “Ude and V.”  We are going to have a rough time when we leave them.  Their cute moms have been a great support to me this year. 


Thursday, March 5, 2015

Evelyn is 2

I can't believe that my little girl is 2 years old.  She has filled our lives with so much joy.  

1) Evelyn loves to go out of the house.  She often goes to the door and points to go outside.  She may have a hard time in Rochester. 
2) She has learned to say yes and no.  The other day Josh asked E if she had a poopy diaper.  She promptly turned towards him, said "yeah" and then kept on with her activity.  She cracks us up.
3) She loves her friends "V" (livy) and "Ude" (Jude).  She gets so happy, yells, and dances when she gets to see them 
4) Her favorite food at the moment is spaghetti, and plain greek yogurt.  
5) She has had quiet an appetite lately.  She often eats just as much as josh and I do at a meal, then wants a snack 30 minutes later.  She eats hard and plays hard.  
6) She still takes 45 minute baths.  To get her out I have to bribe her with a sucker!  
7) She picked out a Toy Story 3 book from the library and wants to read it over and over!  
8) I took her and Jude to the Disney Store to find a birthday present.  Once she saw where we were going she grabbed her face and squealed with delight making the Disney employees, and others around us laugh :)  

She sure is sassy and cute but we wouldn't have it any other way.  

Monday, March 2, 2015

Girls Trip

Ashlie called me up one day and asked if I wanted to go on a girls trip to Vegas.  I was absolutely in! Ashlin's dad was putting on their annual Crown Council at the Red Rock Hotel and Casino.  It was amazing, and so relaxing.  I didn't need to change diapers, wipe faces, or worry about getting home or nap time...and yet I missed her so so much.  This was my first real, relaxing, weekend away from Evelyn since she was born.

Evelyn excited to go spend a weekend with Grandma.
Sky forgot to put the plates on their new car, so mom and Ashlin did it seconds before we hit the road :)  Go Mom!
On our to do list was to hit up Carlos Bakery.  It lived up to all the hype.  We ate the most delicious cannoli, and a cream filled pastry.  It was yum yum yummy.

It was so nice to eat a yummy meal, in a great venue, while watching a show.  It was a perfect night.  

It was a great weekend.  I only pancied twice, thinking I had forgotten E somewhere :)  I was thrilled that she and I had a good time.