Thursday, January 22, 2015

A Cabo Christmas

This Christmas was magical.  I had my husband without a pager on his hip, we got to sit next to the ocean for 7 wonderful days, and we got to watch as Evelyn beamed over all of her wonderful gifts. 
Our Christmas vacation started with getting to open gifts at Grandma and Grandpa Reber's house.  Dave and Janet were the best.  They ordered Cafe Rio, my FAVORITE, and then we spent the rest of the evening opening and playing with Evelyn's gifts.  
She got a Hello Kitty grocery cart.  Once she saw this she immediately wanted to play with it.  I opened the box and this was her face.  She was almost too excited to open the rest of her gifts...almost.

She got a lot of new clothes.  Grandma Janet knows the way to Evelyn's heart is through fashion.  Every shirt, dress, and PJ she opened she had to try on.  

My Fashionista.  

Playing princesses with Grandpa.

Dad trying to put her bike together.  I can't wait for spring!  Josh is excited to have a biking companion.  Im a horrible one so all of his hopes are resting on Evelyn.  

The Next day we hit the road for Cabo.  

Evelyn was obsessed with the pillows on the benches outside of our room.  She would go down the hall and collect of them and place them in a large stack in front of our door.

Evelyn and her friend.  They were putting seashells on the sandcastle.  

While shopping one day we venture into this store that has a velvet painting of Joseph Smith.  How crazy awesome is that????!!!

Scored a sip...or gulp of dads drink.

Christmas Morning

Skyping with the Steeles.  We missed them.

This was Evelyn at the end of everyday.  She would play so so hard at the beach then crash hard at night.

Oh how I love this place. 

On our last day in Cabo Evelyn found the peanut butter and helped herself.  As I was packing up she saw the opportunity to go to the kitchen find the peanut butter and a spoon and enjoy it while watching her favorite show.