Monday, June 8, 2015

Utah April 2015

This year Josh had 3 weeks off.  Yes 3 whole weeks.  2 of the weeks we had planned, but his last and final one we got to spend in St. George.  I love going to St. George with him.  We get to bike, hike, enjoy the sunshine and spend all day together.  This year more than any other year I was looking forward to having Josh all to myself with no interruptions from the hospital.  

I love this picture of Josh and Evelyn.  They are all ready and excited to hit the road.  Evelyn is a pro at traveling, but for some reason she wasn't a fan of this particular ride.  We had to pull over in Parawon and let her get out.  It took lots of bribes and her own "spicy drink" to get her back in the car.  

Little miss fashionista getting ready for our bike ride.  

St. George has the best recration for families.  I could live at their splash pad and so could Evelyn. 

While we were there my Dads mission companion was stopping through town.  Wolfe and his darling wife are from Austria, so we don't get to see them much.  We had a great breakfast with them before they headed to SLC for Conference. 
They even brought me REAL European chocolate for my birthday.  They are the best!!

Soaking up the sun with Grandma.  

Josh wanted to have a family campout in the front yard.  I was a little skeptical about sleeping on the ground in a 2 man tent with 3 people, but we did it anyway.  We all had bets on how long we would actually last.  I lost I went inside at around 5:30.  Josh and E made it all night.  

Happy Birhtday Dave.  We decorated his car for his big day.  

Her latest thing is to get to the top of the slide and hang there for a few swings before going down. 

Josh and I were a little overzealous. 

Our friends Hal and Nyla just purchased a new razor and offered it to Josh and I for a morning.  We had a great time heading out to the dessert.  Evelyn wasn't too sure about it at first, but enjoyed it at the end.  So much that she feel asleep on the bumpy road back to the does that happen.

My geologist.  She has such a strong love of rocks, and nature. 

At the end of our trip my dads mission companion Wolfe and his wife came into town.  They are from Austria and were headed to SLC for conference.  I love seeing this family.  They have become more like close, immediate family rather than just friends.  The morning after they arrived it was my birthday so we all headed out for a celebratory breakfast.  

The Brunners bring the best gifts.  

We didn't want to leave the warm, sunny weather!  We had a blast. 

Monday, June 1, 2015


1) She has developed quite the vocabulary.  It is fun to see what new words she will come up with.
2) When she passes by Josh's hospital she says "Hi daddy," and waves.
3) When she goes to bed she likes to pull up her shirt and put her silky blanket on her skin.
4) She will give you a cute little cheer.  She says, while throwing her hands up, "Go daddy Go" or anyone else she feels needs a good pick me up.
5) She has decided she no longer likes bananas.
6) She has started watching Aristocats and loves it.  It is funny to watch her pretend to be a cat through the movie.
7) She likes to help me do the laundry.
8) She is still a mommas girl.
9) I love watching a movie with her.  She will come and snuggle up close.
10) She will eat an apple straight through core and everything.
11) She lives for being outside, which has been hard with all the rain we have had the last few weeks.
12) The only books she will read right now are princess books.