Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Sunday, October 13, 2013


1) She is trying to crawl! AHHHH we are going to have a mobile girl here soon.  She can get on all fours but doesn’t know what to do after that.  She usually crashes to the floor. 
2) She can pull herself up to her knees.  She did this earlier today and lost her balance, crashing to the ground head first. 
3) I found her a play station toy at the consignment store for $9.50.  She loves to push the buttons and watch the lights and listen to the music. 
4) I swear there are days were I put her on the ground to play and she looks at me with eyes that seem to say “Really we are playing with these toys again.”  One day I will get her new toys, but it is hard when she really just wants to play with my kitchen utensils. 
5) She loves sweet potatoes, bananas, and apples.  When she really likes what she is eating she lunges at the spoon mouth as wide as it will go. 
6) She has moved to a high chair.  Stop Growing!!!
7) Church is fun, but exhausting.  She wants to out talk those around her.  I feel bad we have a very distracting, but cute, child.
8) She loves play group.  It is fun to see her enjoy watching others play around her, and frequently she laughs and waves her hands at whatever they are doing.
9) She gets very excited over every little thing.  She is an easy to please baby.
10) She wet the bed…Boo
11) She started finger foods.  It is funny how fast they learn.  When I first gave her some Gerber Puffs she could not coordinate her fingers to pick them up and then put them in her mouth.  She finally just starting shoving her fist in her mouth haha.  Now she can pick them up and get them in about 80% of the time. 
12) She loves to be social.
13) If I’m cooking she is happy sitting in her highchair watching the show. 
14) She says “momma”.  She doest know what it means, but it is so great to hear. 

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sick Girl

Ive got a sick baby!  Nothing major, but to this first time mom it is the end of the world.  For the last 2 days she has had diarrhea, which has lead to a rash (TMI Sorry) and she is not sleeping well.  Poor girl is trying to be happy, but it's clear she is not herself.  Although I love the extra late night cuddles I miss my sleep!  I hope this passes soon for my sanity and hers.
She is playing in this box because it made her happy.  The things this girl likes to of a kind.  We love her.