Saturday, August 15, 2009

Fabulous Find!

Camelback watter bottle! It is awesome!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Just What I Needed!

So I just needed to post and say just how wonderful Josh is. This week has been crazy. I have been trying to get my room ready for next Wednesday (so excited). Josh has been helping me every step of the way, and today he did something so cute. For my first day of school josh bought me a new water bottle (the one I wanted!), a diet coke and a lot of chocolate. This is just what I needed and somehow he knew that. Thanks Josh I love you!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

7 Stitches Later

This last weekend Josh and I went to Lake Powell with my family and the Gerths. On the first day Josh was out wakeboarding when the board hit him in the mouth. I couldn’t believe it! It was such a freak accident. I was not on the boat when this happened, but my little brother, Skyler, came running on the beach yelling that Josh was bleeding and needed to go to the ER! So in the boat we went to the Page emergency room. We had to wait 3 1/2 hours to see a doctor. Luckily, our good friend and practically second mother, Julie, came with us and held my hand as I was holding Joshes. My poor dad had to wait at the dock for us to come back. He was so great during this whole ordeal.

Red Heads

We had a few of our friends over for dinner and it occurred to me that most of Josh’s friends have red hair. I love this picture. We have amazing friends.

Utah Summer Games!

It has been a long time since this event, but I just got the pictures to post. My Dad and Skyler were doubles partners in the Utah Summer Games. Josh and I were able to go down to Cedar and watch them play in the finals. It was a tough match but they won!!!!! GO TEAM. I was so proud of them!

14 Days and Counting

I start teaching in 14 days. I CANT BELIEVE IT! I am so excited/nervous. I just hope that I am prepared and ready to teach all 29 of my students.
My classroom