Monday, March 31, 2014

Match Day

The last 4 years have been leading to this day.  Match day is the most intense, emotionally draining, and stressful but wonderful day in medical school.  All the hard work, long hours and countless sleepless nights have lead up to one envelope that you open with all the other medical students at the exact same time all across the nation.  Josh had made his rank list and at the top was Mayo in Rochester Minnesota.  And I'm EXTREMELY excited to announce that my hard working, dedicated, extremely smart husband got what he had been working so hard to get.  We are moving to Rochester Minnesota to start a residency in radiology.  Before we go to Rochester Josh has to do a transitional year.  Most people don't understand what that is.  It is like being an intern before you start your residency.  Not all spoecialites have to do this, but radiology is one that does.
Josh's School!  Go Texas Tech

 Match Day is a big deal across the nation.  Schools spend the previous week partying.  Every night there was a fun event and dinner for us to attend.
Saturday: Dinner at El Paso Country Club.  It was delicious and so fun to see great friends who I haven't seen for awhile.  It was fun to get dressed up and eat in such a beautiful atmosphere.
Tuesday: Family bowling.  Evelyn wanted to play so bad.  Poor girl wants to be older then she is.
Wednesday: Park Day and Chick Fil A....and Janet flew into town
Thursday: Dinner at Carlos and Mickeys
Friday: MATCH DAY and luncheon

Eating ice-cream with Iris and Sadi

Zack trying to get Evelyn to look at the camera

We arrived at 9:15 Friday morning to snap a few pics.  We were soooo happy Grandma Janet could be in town for this momentous occasion!

Despite what this picture looks like Evelyn was not a happy camper.  We now know she was sick :(
The school had treats laid out for the students.  

Grandma Janet trying to entertain baby girl.

Yes I was letting Evelyn watch Frozen while we waited.

The BIG moment!
Rochester and Utah here we come!  

This map shows where all of Josh's classmates are going.

So Proud!

Our friends came to support us.  

Angelina dancing/walking with Evelyn.  

What good friends.

So Proud of this guy!

After all was said and done we were pretty tired.  I have never been so excited for one single event.  We had a great dinner with Janet at Leo's that night then we all went home to relax...and rightfully so :)

Birthday Party

Originally I wasn't going to throw Evelyn a 1st birthday party.  But, as the big day grew closer I decided that it was as much as a celebration for Josh and I as it was for her.  you only turn 1 once.  I then put together a simple yet cute party for miss E's golden birthday.  
We were supposed to have her party at a local park, but do to the windy El Paso weather we rescheduled it the morning of to our apartment. 
Her cupcake table.  

The birthday waiting for her friends to come.

Fun Fetti cupcakes requested by Josh

Chris and Evie are good friends who love watching Frozen together. 

Our first party guests Amanda, Chris, Brynn, and Jonah.   

The Frozen Comma

The Osborns came to party.

Josh pulled out Evie's bubble gun.  I found it at the dollar store and it has turned out to be the best toy.

Evelyn didn't want the cake part of her cupcake just the frosting.  

Elsie and Toni

Mr Lincoln licking his fingers after eating a delicious cupcake :)

The whole gang

We opened presents and I soon had a swarm of cute kiddos around me.  They were also so eager to see what Evelyn got. We have wonderful friends who gave E some pretty wonderful things.

Since we live in El Paso we thought it was appropriate to have a piƱata at the party.  The ladies who make these are truly amazing.  Josh and I went to the store to pick it out and it was like going to a museum.  With each turn we made we were more and more amazed.  We finally landed on an elephant that was almost too big to fit in the car.

Lincoln taking a swing

Angelina needs to be a tennis player.  This girl has quite an arm.

Poor Audrey was very sad that we were hurting the elephant.  She started to cry :(

All in all it was a great day.  Evelyn had fun and that is what counts.  I can't believe my little girl is 1. She has grown so much over the past 365 days.  Thank you to all of our friends who helped make her big day a special one.