Friday, April 19, 2013

First Trip to Utah

The last week Evie and I made the long trip to Utah.  We were both so excited to head home and visit with family.  To top it all off Ceri and Madelynn were flying in as well.  I had a lot of anxiety about traveling/flying with Evie all by myself.  Luckily, I was blessed with a great baby who slept the entire way home.  Everyone on the plane asked if I really had a baby because she was so quiet.  I was proud of my little girl.   We made it to Las Vegas and Grandma Jill was there to pick us up.  Soon Ceri arrived and to St. George we went.  Evie had a great time meeting her grandpas, cousins, and many others.  Madelynn could not get enough of her.  She wanted to be with Evie every second and would watch over her so lovingly.  She even tried moving her while Evie was in her carseat because the dog walked in the room.  What a great older sister she will make someday.  Friday and Saturday we headed up to Provo to meet Uncle Skyler.   We dropped into Provo real fast then headed to Salt Lake to see Temple Square and City Creek Mall.  Both were absolutely amazing.  City Creek is so unique and interesting to walk through, and the flowers at Temple Square were to die for.  I loved looking at all the beauty that surrounded us as we walked on the temple grounds.  While we were there Madelynn spotted some brides and was just elaited to see their pretty dresses.  We also dropped in to see my Grandma Sally.  She is doing great and we miss her.  She seems really happy in Salt Lake now.  The next day we walked around BYU.  I sure miss going to school.  I couldn’t help but get our little family of three new BYU t’shirts (thanks mom and dad).  I cant wait for Evie to know and love BYU like I do.  It probably is a little unnatural, but I sure do love that school and loved going to school there.  Later that night we headed back to St. George and again Evie was such a great traveler.  It gives me hope for trips in the future.  Sunday Ceri was not feeling very well so my mom, dad and I took Madelynn to church with us.  Having 2 kids is hard haha but both girls did great.  Later that day I headed up to the Reber house so Evie could meet the Reber clan.  It was so fun having a little “get to know Evie” party.  It was fun seeing her with all the people that I have come to know and love.   Thanks Dave and Janet for such a wonderful evening.  The rest of the week was full of great fun, laughs, family and great food (café rio).  Thanks everyone for such a great week.  June cant come soon enough to visit again.  
So excited to be on the carousel.  

Grandma and her Evie

So my dad and M were playing "hide the ball" and M thought a great place to hide it would be the thorny rose bush.  It was so funny.  

M and me making hershey kiss cookies for Uncle Skyler.  

Italian good

She was out cold.  

Playing at City Creek

Meeting Grandma Sally

This seems to be the position she likes to be in to fall asleep lately.  Im not complaining!

Uncle Skyler a little afraid to burp her. 

Just love this face. 

The house Josh and I lived in while attending BYU.  They ripped out the trees on the left makes me so sad. 

Bath Time

Ceri was sick so it was up to Grandpa and me to get her lunch.  Do you notice what color theme we were going for.  Thats a lot of orange food :)

Meeting Grandma Reber

The Ladies

Aunt Rene

4 generations minus Josh

Such a darling couple and their three kids.

Madelynn rocking Evie to sleep.

Grandma and her girls!

Jerzie holding Evie all by herself!


Samantha Eccles said...

So jealous you went to Utah! Looks like so much fun! Lucky you to have such a well behaved baby too! Yay Evie!

Eolia Disler said...

Evelyn seems a very nice girl. The quiet and transportable one. Like my daughter. I'm beginning to think it's a boy thing to scream in the car and to be noisy while at family houses...
And as usual, awesome photos!