Wednesday, April 24, 2013


1) She is the happiest baby (except when she is hungry or has a big poop).  She is constantly smiling and talking to us now.  I love having a little conversation with her.  Trying to get her to say mommy but so far no luck haha. 

2) She is officially in 3 month clothing.  She doesn’t fill it out, but she is so tall we had to go up a size. 

3) She had a blow out so bad last night that I just cut the onesie off of her. 

4) She has turned into a little momma’s girl, which I love.  I need to enjoy it while I can because with Josh as a dad she will inevitable want to hang with the fun parent.  So im going to soak it all in. 

5) She is currently asleep on my lap and looks so peaceful.  She is such a quiet sleeper. 

6) She still loves sitting in her carseat and it puts her to sleep every time.

7) She went with me to mutual for the first time and didn’t make a peep.  She was a great honorary Beehive. 

8) She loves looking at herself in the mirror.  Makes her smile!

9) She is growing like a weed and constantly wants to eat. 

10) She had 3 blowouts in the last 24 hours.  I need to do some laundry poor girl is out of pjs. 

11) We had our first park date.  We went with Nicole Welch and her cute kids.  It was fun to watch her play on a mat in the shade.  Cassidy, Nicole’s 6-month baby, and Evie were lying next to each other and Evie is already the same height.  It was funny to see. 

We sure love our baby girl.  She is the best little girl we could ask for.  We can’t get enough of her.  

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