Thursday, July 23, 2015


1) She has started to repeat after characters on the TV.  My favorite to watch is the ending to Little Einsteins.  She pats, claps gives a bow and yells blast off .  I just love it.
2) Her singing consists of just screaming and holding the words.
3) She loves to read books now.  We frequently have to take books in the car.  Her favorite this week is Peekaboo Sofie and a book about Easter Eggs.
4) She has developed a love for the swings.  When we go to the park that is all she wants to do.
5) She has the best mom in the entire world. Her mom is the most kind, loving, and nurturing woman on earth. In addition, her mother is super hot.
6) When describing her time at the park to Josh she puts her hands in the air and says wee.
7) When anyone calls on FaceTime she has to show them all her toys, and what she has been coloring lately.
8) She likes to be wrapped up like a baby.
9) We went to Foster Arend Beach with some friends. Evelyn had a blast playing in the water and building sand castles.  Unfortunately she likes to build and destroy.  Her friends didn't think the destroying of their castles was fun.
10) She doesn't like the bath.  5 weeks ago she would take forever in the tub.  I can't figure out what has changed, but I hope it reverts back.
11) She loves to play in the sand in the backyard. She will sit for up to 45 minutes in the same spot playing.
12) She LOVES peanut butter
13) She has learned that if mom says no, dad will probably say yes
14) She has started a piggy bank. She was so excited to see the coins go in, but upset when she couldn't get them out.
15) She has finally started calling our house in Minnesota "home".
16) She loves having her window down in the car.
17) She calls flies "bees" and is deathly afraid of them.

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