Saturday, July 4, 2015


Im finally back to blogging.  I blame moving...again.  We are now full time Minnesota residents.  I still have lots of sad feelings leaving behind friends and family, but am excited about our new life here.  Evelyn has changed so much these last few months and I hope I can remember it all.  

1) For the first 4-5 days after moving she kept asking for grandma and to go home.  Broke my heart every time she would look at me and ask to see Livy or Jude.  
2) She still doesn't like fireworks.  They absolutely terrify her.  In her words they are too "HOT". 
3) She loves to play the bye bye game on my phone.  Sometimes it is the only way we can go grocery shopping. 
4) Curios George is still her favorite show, but we have now added Little Einsteins to our favorites list.  
5) She is out of her high chair and sits at the table like a big girl.  When did that happen!!!
6) She has made great strides in behaving.  She no longer hits, or pushes.  I can't tell you how happy it makes my heart feel when she plays kindly, shares and says hi to new friends. 
7) She calls all her friends nani.
8) She has some sticker packets that create scenes and she loves to play with them.  Now I wish she could pull the stickers off herself.  
9) She has learned to say thank you.   
10) When she wakes up in the morning she calls for mommy.  There are mornings I wish she would call for daddy, but ill take her early morning mommy cuddles as long as I can.  
11) She can form little sentences now.  
12) She is obsessed with watches for some reason.  
13) I love it when she helps me in the kitchen.  She is so proud of herself when she gets to do something.  Her favorite is to add spices to anything and everything.  

I know I have missed so much.  Ugh, I hate having such a large distance between posts.  We sure do love this little girl of ours!!

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