Monday, August 10, 2015

Daddy Date

Most of the time I try to be a patient, loving and kind mom but there are some days where I need a bit of a break.  That's when my awesome husband takes Evelyn out for a date.  I can't tell you how much Evelyn and I love this time.  I get some "me" time and she gets to go do something fun with dad. This particular trip the two of them headed to the SLC Capital then to Harmons for a treat.  Surprisingly evelyn wanted an Apple.  Im not going to complain that my kiddo wants apples instead of candy, but who picks an apple instead of candy?!

"Hi daddy"

In tow was her Belle doll.  

One of the positives about daddy daughter dates is how tired she is when she gets home.  Not only does she go to bed easily, but its a sure sign of how much fun she had.  

The apple!  She starts from one end and eats all the way through, core and all!

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