Monday, February 9, 2009

Hair Cut

I cut my hair!! I am so excited to tell everyone that I now can sleep in an extra 30 minutes, thanks to be new hair cut! My mother-in-law Janet finally caved and cut it for me! She cut off 7 inches yike!! I have been wanting to cut it for some time now and finally built up the courage to do it! I love it! Thanks again Janet!


Natalie said...

Well, where are the pictures???? I can't wait to see you. Call me, Lexi, I can't find your number. We want you guys to come over soon!

The Little Fielding Family said...

Lex you need Josh to take a picture and then post it on here so I can see it!! How much did you cut off? Let me know!! We love you!!

Myles N Amanda said...

ha ha sorry ... you know vwhat i was thinkin.. ha ha ha its just funny that you grew up like half a block away and were in the same ward ... ha ha ha