Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Watermelon and Kabobs

It is officially summer.  With the heat surging into the high 90’s I only thought it appropriate to go and buy or first watermelon of the year.  While at sprouts, picking out the best watermelon I could, I went back to the meat counter to pick up something for dinner.  While there I noticed to different types of chicken kabobs.  Not knowing which on I wanted I asked the butcher which flavor he prefers, Teriyaki or Polynesian.  He couldn’t decide which was his favorite.  Since he was so indecisive he leaned over the counter and told me that he would give me 2 Teriyaki kabobs for the regular price and 2 of the Polynesian kabobs for free, so that I could decide which one I liked.  I think he was surprised at how shocked I was.  I just got free meat!  It was amazing.  So, not only did we get our first watermelon of the year, but we ate it with our free kabobs.  Thank you sprouts for making my day!

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Andersen said...

awesome. I will have to go there and do some shopping.