Tuesday, February 17, 2015


1) She has been doing so many "big girl" things lately.  The most recent is climbing up the stepping stools and going down the big slide at the park.  She was so thrilled with herself that she clapped when she reached the bottom.  
2) She has been making leaps and bounds when it comes to her aggression.  She use to get scared and hit other kids but now she has learned to say hi.  It's fun to watch her say hi to ALL of the kids at the playground.  Makes my heart sing. 
3) If I ask her what color something is her response it always purple.  
4) When she gets excited she likes to jump.  Her jumping consists of bending down and reaching up really fast, her feet don't actually leave the ground. 
5) She has loved eating plain greek yogurt and fruit.  
6) Today we had a hamburger from In-N-Out that she inhaled.  She was so hungry she didn't stop to breath as she scarfed it down.  
7) In the car I gave her a toy that she thought was a camera.  The next thing I knew she was looking through it and telling her baby to say cheese.  It was so cute to listen to her repeat "baby cheese" over and over.
8) The other night she was sleeping in Ceri's bed.  I put her down and 9:00 and then when I went to bed at 10:30 discovered that she was STILL awake.  She was happy just laying in the dark playing with her hair.
9) She puts her arms around my neck and gives me the best hug and kiss when it's time to go to bed.

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