Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Blessing Day

Today was Evies blessing day.  My parents and Josh’s parents were able to fly in to be with us.  The weekend started off great with the arrival of Dave and Janet.  Evie and I excitedly picked them up from the airport.  After checking them into their hotel and waiting for Josh to get done with school we went to Janet’s favorite restaurant Leo’s.  Miss Evie was too distracted to take a nap and very quickly into dinner became fussy.  I scooped her up put a blanket over her head to distract her and in a matter of seconds she fell asleep.  Poor girl always wants to be part of the party.  The next day we were back at the airport picking up my parents.  We were so excited to have the parents in town!  As soon as we got them checked into their hotel we were off to Rudy’s my moms favorite restaurant haha.  That night Josh and I eagerly got everything ready for a great Mothers Day, which included him going to 2 different grocery stores…Thanks babe.  In the morning the parents came over and we made a great crepe breakfast.  Evie and Josh surprised me with a gift card for Itunes, chocolate and a great card.  I love being a mommy and love my two babes!  We got ready and off to church we went, well kinda if Josh hadn’t swiped my house key!  Josh gave an amazing blessing.  In that moment I felt true love for my little family.  We are a family and Evie’s dad was giving her a beautiful blessing.  I was so proud of Josh and proud of Evie, who slept through the whole thing.  It was great to see her surrounded by so much love and support.  Thank you to all who participated in that special moment in her life.  Later that night we had a great dinner and played a fun game of Quiddler (Josh of course won).  It was one amazing weekend.

Love this face haha
So happy hanging with Grandpa Gil
My mom made her blessing dress.  It is a treasure that Evie will pass on to her daughter one day.  

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