Wednesday, May 1, 2013


1) She finally will feed without the shield.  Wahoo! 

2) She had a massive blowout when my friends from work came by.  I was glad they were here to help me clean up.

3) She loves her binki and sucks on it so hard.  She has a hard time falling asleep without it.  Not so sure that it is a good habit, but if it gets her to sleep Im all in. 

4) She still loves getting in her carseat.  She smiles with delight when we go out to run errands.

5) Bath time is my favorite time of the night.  She loves the warm water and gets upset when it is time to get out. 

6) She wakes up in the morning wanting to cuddle.

7) She is growing out of three-month pjs.  The girl is just so tall!

8) She is talking and smiling more and more each day.

9) She gets scared when people sneeze.  I dont get it but its really funny.

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