Tuesday, May 28, 2013


1) She loves to talk.  She sat on my lap this weekend and just talked to me for about 30 minutes.  It is fun to hear her coo and I always wonder what she is thinking. 
2) She loves 2 toys right now the one that sits on the floor that she plays under and one that plays music. 
3) She is doing ok on tummy time…when mom remembers.  I play an old video of my niece Madelynn singing to keep her entertained.
4) She is tantalizingly close to rolling over.  She swings her legs up and throws them sideways.  Now if she could only get a little more momentum she would have it.
5) She got in the pool for the first time this week.  She is so chunky and buoyant that you really have to push her in the water to keep her legs from floating back up.  She loves the pool. 
6) Bath time is still a favorite.  She just started kicking in the water.  Yes, she still cries when we take her out.
7) Sunday morning she woke up a little early so I put her in bed with josh and I.  I was nervous so I blocked her in and slept lower on the bed.  When I woke up she had moved right next to me and our foreheads were touching haha.  She loves her momma.
8) She only likes women.  Still not a fan of men holding her.
9) We watched an animal show on Sunday.  Evelyn loved watching the animals move across the screen, so much that she fell asleep in Chris and Amanda’s lap. 
10) This girl can poop.  I’m so tired of cleaning poop off of clothes.  She holds it in until she explodes.  Who knew a baby could store that kind of pressure inside.
11) She has started going to bed by herself.  At night I feed her, we play for a few minutes, say good night to dad, then she goes in the crib and the lights go off.  She usually plays then in about 10 minutes is out.  I hope she keeps up this good habit. 
12) Evie went to the tennis courts for the first time last Saturday.  It was so fun to get back on the court, especially with this little girl. 

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