Tuesday, May 14, 2013


1) We blessed Miss Evie on Mothers Day!  It was a beautiful blessing!
2) Had my first official Mothers Day.  I got an amazing card and Itunes giftcard from my cute hubby and daughter.  We also had our parents in town for the blessing which made this day really special. 
3) Evie has got major separation anxiety.  She freaks if I leave the room or if someone else holds her for too long.  She is only 2 months, which is too early to start this type of behavior. 
4) She loves to play with toys now.  We have a toy that she lays under and she loves to kick and hit the little animals that hang down.
5) We are doing great with breastfeeding…thank goodness.
6) She is only waking up once at night…most of the time.
7) She has graduated from her bath sling to a sit up bath tub!
8) She had her first round of shots last week.
9) She has graduated from the binki to her hand.  She loves to suck on all of her fingers. 
10) She is getting so good at holding her head up.
11) She smiles all the time.
12) She loves to Facetime or Skype with family while having tummy time.
13) She wont take a nap for longer than 45 minutes...ugh

We have one amazing baby! 

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Unknown said...

I second that......"THE AMAZING EVIE!"