Sunday, April 5, 2015


1) She has become more and more stubborn.  She can really dig her heels in when she doesnt want to do something.
2) When I tell her "lets change your diaper" she comes over and lays down infront of me, but always at an angle.  Every time she does this.  It makes me smile and laugh and never gets old.
3) She is talking a lot more these days.  She says a lot of new words, today for example we added purse to her reprituar of words.  She said purse becuase she was conserned I was leaving mine behind.  She also jibber jabbers and then says one distinct word at the end of each sentence.  She looks at you like you should know exactly what she is talking about :)
4) She loves clothes.  We went to the mall yesterday and as soon as we walked into the shoe department at Nordstrom she sat down and took her shoes off in preparation to try on all the pretty heels.  
5) Her favorite food these days are spaghetti and cheese sandwiches.  
6) She insists on watching "baby" (home videos) before she goes to bed.  We don't think she understands that the baby is her!
7) She is getting really good at pretend play, especially in the kitchen and anything to do with her babies. 
8) She loves to go "Nigh Night" on anyones bed but hers.  She will lay down, and pretend to sleep and snore loudly.  When she wants someone to lay with her she points to the pillow next to hers and says "Nigh Night".  
We love this little fashionista.  

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